Chapter 3 from zee book

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this chapter talks about themes in digital art. artificial life, body and identity, databases,, data visualization, and mapping, texts and narrarative environments, gaming, tactile media, activism, and hacktivism, technologies of the future, and mobile an dlocative media. through learnign about these, the book goes into describing many many artworks. one of my favirites was actually talked in class for the paper assignment. camille utterback and romy achituv’s text rain, 1999 is amazing. the concept is crazy interesting. the outlines of bodies almost catch the digital letters that fall like rain. if a person stands long enough to capture a bunch of letters, it starts to put these letters together to create words. this piece is very interective, it involves an audience otherwise it would not work.


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House me!!!

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these three boys are all over in europe studying abroad. they are pretty much homeless upon their arrival back to the states. one of their bros stayed behind who was suppose to look for houses while they were away. he later decided to sign a lease with someone else other than these three boys. confused, frustrated, and dissapointed is where they are left with the thouht of a house above their heads.

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Pierre Huyghe

November 18, 2009 at 7:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Pierre Huyghe’s Excellence

Pierre Huyghe, born in Paris in 1962, is one of the most well known young figures in the international art scene. His reputation reflects the environments, films, collaborative projects, and events that he began creating in the Nineties. They usually deal with issues tied to the experience of time in contemporary society. His work, sometimes is inspired by cinema, portrays the processes of construction of personal and collective memory, where fiction and realty intermingle. Much of Huyghe’s work examines the structural properties of film and its problematic relationship to reality. His work frequently mixes fact with fiction.” In several projects, he has delved into the personal lives of subjects and actors in films which will later be discussed.

Since the early Nineties Huyghe has been known particularly for his installations and films, as well as for collaborative projects with other artists. “His works create situations of instability and aperture investigating the relationship between reality and ‘fiction,’ collective memory, and narrative structures.” For Huyghe, fiction can generate realities.

Huyghe’s inspirations are “Gothic” and science-fiction literature, amusements parks, animated films, origami, and the “pop-up” books that that he enjoyed in his childhood years.

The sale of cartoon characters created by professional designers are used in comic strips, television shows, and films is a common feature of Japan’s animation industry. Pierre Huyghe and Phillipe Parreno purchased such a cartoon in 1999. The figure of a young girl was used in their own work, thereby giving this ready made character a new life within a specifically fine art context. Annlee’ was considered a cheap model bought for around $500, because she had no personalities, no abilities; it was just a shell with no soul.

No Ghost Just a Shell (Fig 1) project spanned from 1999 to 2002. The plan was to fill the empty ‘entity’ AnnLee with stories and ideas and to give her an identity and a life of her own.

One Million Kingdoms (Fig 2), 2001, is the most recent in a series of animated films. In these scenes AnnLee is put into a lunar landscape that is “mapped out and developed in correspondence with the rises and falls of the narrator’s voice – tinny, at times labored – digitally derived from a recording of Neil Armstrong.” The stories of the first moon landing, in 1969, and of Jules Verne’s 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth have been inserted here in a conspiracy theory of the faked and the fantastic. Neil Armstrong’s first words (It’s a lie) is what starts AnnLee, moving from place to place on a constantly fluctuating terrain. Mountains, craters, ridges, and outcroppings rise and fall according to the intonations of the narrator’s voice. “His words blur the fictional and factual, using language that derives from distinct genres and centuries—Verne’s work of fiction and Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s presumably true transmissions of their experience during the landing of Apollo 11’s lunar module.”

The landscape of AnnLee is a shifting terrain determined by voices, which reflect both the real and the imaginary.

Looking at an art work that deals with someone’s personal life, Blanche-Neige Lucie (Fig 3) created in 1997 is very interesting. This is a documentary about Lucie Dolene, the memorable French dubber of Disney’s Snow White, who sued Disney to regain possession of the copyright to her own voice. In the video we hear her sing the song of Prince Charming while subtitles replay the story of the famous lawsuit. The work is meant to be a reflection on how the entertainment industry appropriates the individuality of a single person, depriving them of their own right to identity.

After looking at a couple of Pierre Hughye’s works, I have to say I really like the concepts he pulls into his work. The idea behind all of his digital art works and installations is quite fascinating. The images themselves is another story on the other hand.

I personally am one for bright bold colors; something that will grab your attention from far away. His work does not accomplish that in my books. A person needs to be aware that he likes to merge fiction with reality, possibly generating a new life as he did with AnnLee. Fiction and reality intermingle in Pierre Huyghes work.

No ghost just a shell, 1999-2002

Pierre Huyghe, One Million Kingdoms, 2001

Blanche-Neige Lucie (1997)

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youtubed it

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Some short youtube videos

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Attack of the bird!!!

moon walk huh?


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Gimme some of yo BLING

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eew loli pop tree bling

glitz grilz ring me

We each had to create six to eight different images involving “bling.” in each of these, the word bling had to appear somewhere throughout the picture. sounds really easy right? we also had to incorporate the gestalt principle in each piece, whether it be trough our text or the image itself. our critique consists of “blinging out” one of the boring white walls in the art building with all of the classes six different images. mind you there are about 20 students in my class, so it will turn out to be a complete chaos of gestalted bling. our individual pieces are put together to create one massive piece. another class is going to be doing this as well, creating even more madness on a separate wall. our professor told us it was sort of a competition between the two classes. who’s wall is better? on top of all that, this is an interactive piece with all the students walking by. if they see a picture they like, they can un hang it and keep it for their own viewing. this project will eventually dwindle into the boring white wall once again.

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stellar poster dude

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our group decided to do a project concerning electric consumption and how it is getting out of hand. we wanted to show that maybe someday it would eventually ruin our world. starting out with the 1960’s, (being my project) through our projects we took a look at different decades moving on into the future.

——click on me to make me bigger and easier to see——-

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self portrait Medium Web view

this was an assignment for my drawing 1 class that was created a year and a half ago. we had to draw a self portrait without using the typical shading techniques. most of the class chose to work with a stamp of their choice or their own finger print to create shading. i chose my signature. this whole thing is nothing but my john handcock. i remember telling myself i would never cheat and just scrible a bunch of nothingness to fill in for my signature. its all legit. after completing this, i never wanted to sign anything again. oi.

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Ass. #6: Cliché vs.Metaphor

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The definition of a Cliché is an expression or an idea that is overused which eventually loses its original idea or effect. usually when it was first created it had a very special meaning. now the word love in this case i seen all over the world when it was seen differently in the 1960’s. when this was created it had a different meaning than it does today. it was unusual at the time for this word that means so much to be portrayed like this. and it also got a lot of attention. now it is just an overused idea that has definitly lost its original effect.


A metaphor compares two things as if they were the same. in this painting Johns took newspaper that dealt with what was happenig in America at the time and dipped it into wax, then placing it on canvas. he hen painted the American flag on it. this being a metaphor makes the American flag much more powerful and meaningful. it makes  being an American stronger. the American flag is much more meaningful rather then it being created out of something else. metaphors take two ideas to create one stronger idea. the American flag that is very common and whats going on with the U.S. are completly unified.

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Ass. #4: Ipod…Sex Toy Ads?

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sex ad

To make an ad successful, it needs to pull the viewer in to take a closer look at what it consists of. and also, making the viewer more interested in the product being advertised. in this case, Ipod wants to sell a sex toy that vibrates to the beat of whatever you are listening to. WEIRD, but i guess smart? advertisements are meant to sell. advertisers are programmed to know what people want and what exactly atracts people to ads.

hmmmm. we didnt get a design principle sheet to look off of??

the information flows through this ad by allowing the viewers eye to be drawn to pay attention to the bright bold crisp colors and lines. the viewr wants to read this image like a book, following the story from left to right then continuing down. also, the advertiser knows sex sells, and chose two attrctive people who in one image is half naked. the small details and silhouette of the ipod make you take a closer look at what is going on. but the words posted on the ad make the viewr want to research what exactly it is trying to sell… it got me to take a closer look that’s for sure.

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