Ass. #6: Cliché vs.Metaphor

September 9, 2009 at 5:02 am (Uncategorized)


The definition of a Cliché is an expression or an idea that is overused which eventually loses its original idea or effect. usually when it was first created it had a very special meaning. now the word love in this case i seen all over the world when it was seen differently in the 1960’s. when this was created it had a different meaning than it does today. it was unusual at the time for this word that means so much to be portrayed like this. and it also got a lot of attention. now it is just an overused idea that has definitly lost its original effect.


A metaphor compares two things as if they were the same. in this painting Johns took newspaper that dealt with what was happenig in America at the time and dipped it into wax, then placing it on canvas. he hen painted the American flag on it. this being a metaphor makes the American flag much more powerful and meaningful. it makes  being an American stronger. the American flag is much more meaningful rather then it being created out of something else. metaphors take two ideas to create one stronger idea. the American flag that is very common and whats going on with the U.S. are completly unified.


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