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self portrait Medium Web view

this was an assignment for my drawing 1 class that was created a year and a half ago. we had to draw a self portrait without using the typical shading techniques. most of the class chose to work with a stamp of their choice or their own finger print to create shading. i chose my signature. this whole thing is nothing but my john handcock. i remember telling myself i would never cheat and just scrible a bunch of nothingness to fill in for my signature. its all legit. after completing this, i never wanted to sign anything again. oi.


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Ass. #6: Cliché vs.Metaphor

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The definition of a Cliché is an expression or an idea that is overused which eventually loses its original idea or effect. usually when it was first created it had a very special meaning. now the word love in this case i seen all over the world when it was seen differently in the 1960’s. when this was created it had a different meaning than it does today. it was unusual at the time for this word that means so much to be portrayed like this. and it also got a lot of attention. now it is just an overused idea that has definitly lost its original effect.


A metaphor compares two things as if they were the same. in this painting Johns took newspaper that dealt with what was happenig in America at the time and dipped it into wax, then placing it on canvas. he hen painted the American flag on it. this being a metaphor makes the American flag much more powerful and meaningful. it makes  being an American stronger. the American flag is much more meaningful rather then it being created out of something else. metaphors take two ideas to create one stronger idea. the American flag that is very common and whats going on with the U.S. are completly unified.

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Ass. #4: Ipod…Sex Toy Ads?

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sex ad

To make an ad successful, it needs to pull the viewer in to take a closer look at what it consists of. and also, making the viewer more interested in the product being advertised. in this case, Ipod wants to sell a sex toy that vibrates to the beat of whatever you are listening to. WEIRD, but i guess smart? advertisements are meant to sell. advertisers are programmed to know what people want and what exactly atracts people to ads.

hmmmm. we didnt get a design principle sheet to look off of??

the information flows through this ad by allowing the viewers eye to be drawn to pay attention to the bright bold crisp colors and lines. the viewr wants to read this image like a book, following the story from left to right then continuing down. also, the advertiser knows sex sells, and chose two attrctive people who in one image is half naked. the small details and silhouette of the ipod make you take a closer look at what is going on. but the words posted on the ad make the viewr want to research what exactly it is trying to sell… it got me to take a closer look that’s for sure.

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my top 5 favs

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chantallemartin- “Digital Quilt”

glowe1- “Digital Lotus”

jaimesarchet- “Einstein a Plenty”

scastan2- “Mi Corazon Mi Tierra”

werd376-“He Kinda Has a Long Face”

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Ass. 2 intro/1

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First of all many artist who create digital art are impacted greatly from other artist throughout history. “Duchamp’s work, in particular, has been extremely influential in the realm of digital art: the shift from object to concept embodied in many of his works can be seen as predecessor of the virtual object as a structure in process, and his ready mades connect with the appropriation and manipulation of ‘found’ (copied) images that play a dominant role in many digital artworks” (pg 13).  Digital artists expanded on the concepts of movements such as Fluxus and conceptual art creating something new.

These “traditional” ways of looking at art through history is being changed into new media and into a new realm of tradition. These artists often take “ready made” pieces of art and change it to make it their own. Scott Griesbach took an amazing piece of art form Jackson Pollock and incorporated it into his own piece of digital art. He manipulated Polloks piece now creating a contour of a horses body.

“Internet art has been created to be seen by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and does not need a museum to be presented or introduced to the public. These pieces can be seen all around the world provided the viewer has internet. These works also do not need any sort of maintenance. They will last over time compared to other famous works that can and will deteriorate.

Digital art has also been used by law enforcement agencies to alter the facial structure of missing people or suspects. “Apart from the shifts that digital technologies have brought about in the realms of collage, montage, and composting, they also challenge traditional notions of realsism by facilitating the creation of alternative or simulated forms of reality, or a sense of the ‘hyperreal’. The concept of artistic realism has been inextricably interconnected with the history of photography” (pg 36). Manipulating images leads to certain dematerialization of naturalistic aspects of everyday life.

Digital art has changed history in the fact that artist take from the “ready made.” Artists pull from previous works of art and create something new and completely different yet sometimes still recognizable.  3D objects can be created using digital software. The computer is allows us to create art that could be done by hand but sometimes is often faster and the viewer gets a different effect. Some artists create an image on the computer but make it look as if it were by hand. While, other artists have the skill to make an image appear as if it were done on the computer, when it really was accomplished by hand.

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